Theresa Cox has tutored both my daughters for over a year. She has always been professional and friendly, building up a good rapport with both girls.  She uses lots of different approaches, writing and recording in workbooks, whiteboard work, using tangible materials like counters and number squares and lots of games that kept both girls motivated on a Thursday afternoon after school.  She keeps the girls on task using positive and encouraging methods, making good use of time.  I particularly like Theresa’s summaries that she sent via e-mail explaining what the lessons entailed and how the girls were doing.  She often set them homework to consolidate what they had covered, or learnt.  As a result both girls remain in the top maths group in their class, my youngest actually moved up a group due to being tutored by Theresa who worked patiently, positively as well as effectively with her.

Peta Puttock


I would highly recommend Theresa as a tutor.  She is an experienced teacher with good subject knowledge and, most importantly for me, built a great rapport with my children so they enjoyed their tuition and did not find it to be a chore. I noticed a marked improvement in both children during their tutoring, the school was not aware of the fact that they being tutored but they both made higher than average progress in their levels over the period that they were tutored. I found Theresa to be friendly, flexible and understanding which made the whole experience stress free and beneficial to both the children and myself.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her and hope that she is still available when my youngest is coming up for the 11+.

Vikki Gutmann


Theresa is a good teacher. She plans well and with care and is able to cater for different learning needs so that children make progress. She has worked with children who need support to improve as well as more able children who need to be further challenged. She is concerned about the progress of each individual and will adapt her techniques to try to maximise learning. She has been able to put her tutoring experience to good use in this role.

Claudette Maragh - Headteacher, Alexandra Junior School, Sydenham


Theresa was a co-operative and friendly colleague. She had a good rapport with her pupils and their parents, worked very well within the school's team and the children in her care all made progress. She showed herself to be a competent teacher and a valuable member of the school's staff.

Margaret Baynes - Headteacher, Our Lady of Hartley RC Primary, Kent


Theresa was an enthusiastic and engaging presence at the school, and had an excellent rapport with both her students and her colleagues. She was well-prepared, punctual, responsible, and flexible, often helping out above and beyond the call of duty. As Social Activities Leader, she took groups of younger students on varied programmes of sports, entertainment and cultural visits. Theresa always made an excellent impression during the times she was with us. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any future employer.

Alex Moore - Director of Studies, Echo Language School, Brighton

Emily was rather nervous on Monday morning before the course began but she was put totally at ease with your welcoming manner and the friendliness of the group. After each lesson she came home chatting about what she had done and suggestions that you had made to improve her understanding. Although it seemed a long and hard working week Emily was always very eager to begin a new day. The improvement in her Verbal Reasoning over the week has been astonishing and I think that is not only down to Emily's hard work but the extensively prepared topics  and well thought through lesson plans. The work set, seemed to be at a fast pace but done in a way that made Emily see that her hard work was getting results.

Gillian McLennon - mum of year 5 girl in Verbal Reasoning summer course